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Thank you for your interest in the Home Business Opportunity! 

Hand Casting services are desperately needed everywhere.  I receive Emails from people all over the country requesting information on where they can find a professional to do castings in their area. 

The Hand Casting business sells itself and the best part is, natural artistic abilities are not required in order to learn the techniques.   The techniques I have developed for each phase of the process, while very difficult to figure out, are uncomplicated and simple to learn when properly trained.  If you enjoy working with people and would like to provide a meaningful and very unique service that will touch lives for generations to come, this is for you!

The business opportunity is not a franchise, and you won't be purchasing materials through us, so this is a way to be your own boss, work out of your kitchen or a spare room and make an exceptional income while determining your own schedule and how busy you want to be! You can even determine the type of clients you prefer to target and you can decline any casting requests that you are not interested in. 

The business comes complete with training, equipment, tools, brochure, business card and website.  In a matter of days, you are ready to start up your very own business!  The revenues easily make the payments for a tax deductible loan to cover the purchase. 

I'm including, for your information and evaluation purposes, a list of the important questions to which every entrepreneur should have answers when considering this type of Home Business package:

  1. Is a Cost and Time Analysis provided? Do the figures suggest that the materials and techniques being used will facilitate acceptable profits?
  2. There is a huge variance in the artistic quality produced by different casters. Does the image gallery on the company's web site show clear detail of the product, enabling your evaluation of its quality?
  3. Will you learn to professionally finish the castings by making any and all repairs needed and using a method that guarantees the repair to be completely imperceptible and without the appearance of a defect?  All castings, to some degree, will need to be professionally finished in order to provide marketable heirloom-quality artwork.  With proper molding and pouring techniques, time spent on the "finish work" should be very insignificant as evidenced by a provided Cost and Time Analysis.  Casters are not always able to make undetectable repairs, or they are limited to the "kinds" of repairs they know how to do... which can mean a lot of remakes.
  4. Are the castings "three-dimensional" -- down to and including a couple inches of the wrist or ankle?  Some casters get around the difficulty of pouring three-dimensional castings by molding only a partial section or just the front or back of the hand instead of the full hand and wrist.  This drastically decreases the value and appearance of the casting.  It is important for your customers to be able to touch, display or view their precious heirlooms from all sides. 
  5. A key indicator to gauge successful molding, pouring and finishing techniques is to ask about the percentage of customers needing to return for remakes.  This shouldn't happen more than once or twice a year, but could be quite frequent with some casters, unless they are avoiding remakes by selling defective castings to their customers.
  6. Are the techniques being used effectively preventing "missing finger tips" on the poured castings (99% of the time)? This is one of the many problems that blocks people from starting up or succeeding in this kind of business. 
  7. Is there a limit to the ages or hand poses that can be cast successfully?  Will you be taught how to successfully mold single or joined hands as well as pour and  finish all the different poses for any age that you would like to target?  Many casters are not able to mold two or more hands joined together; instead, they just place the completed castings next to or on top of each other.

Please Email your request for additional information with the inclusion of your city and state.  If you are not in an area close to one of my purchasers, I would love to email information to you.  

Hands are Extensions of the Soul


Phone: (801) 299-0882
West Bountiful, Utah
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